Support for reimbursement on business trip


The reimbursement of expenses for business trips (transportation costs, additional meal allowance, expenses for overnight accommodation and other expenses) can be conducted monthly to your employees through the payroll.

BueroPartner provides a range of features, starting with checking the "weekly travel expense form" with all vouchers and bills of correctness and plausibility in accordance with the legal obligations with predefined and standardized processes, up to the disbursement to the employees.

BueroPartner’s accounting services personnel reviews all travel expense vouchers to determine compliance with policies concerning reimbursable travel expenses before a reimbursement is processed and/or a travel advance is balanced.

This includes offering our clients an understandable travel expense form in a Mircosoft Office Excel file version. The layout and content of this form complies current common requirements.

To be able to offer more features and functionality, we developed for our international payroll clients an easy-to-use web-based travel expenses reimbursement reporting software.

The Employees can view their current and past reimbursements data with individual access permission via an internet browser. A fast and comprehensive comparison between claim and refund can be conducted directly by the employee, and demonstrably reduces queries to the accounting administrators.

There is also an intangible benefit; the employees feel they are getting a better support from their foreign employer.

The system can be implemented and operational within a short time.

You can benefit value of advantage of our professional service for the travel expenses of your employees; furthermore we support the establishment of an internal policy for the reimbursement of travel expenses.

Bueropartner particulary insures that the technical experts receives regular training in this special field.

This guarantees that our clients receive a technically competent service.