Our flexible service includes:

Start of the project  
  • Acquisition of all company data and personnel data, verification of integrity on the basis of checklists
  • Set up the company's individual database structure
  • Starting a business means applying for an official company number, as well as signing up for health insurance, registering with the local tax office and workmen’s compensation board

Before the monthly payroll run

  • Complete and forward forms for starters and retiring or leaving employees

  • Collection of data of pension contracts
  • Collection of data of garnishments and assignments
  • Calculate entitlements
  • Collection of data of tariff changes such as change of wage group
  • Collection of data of corrections by retroactive accounting
  • Collection of data of rate of absenteeism, e.g. to show a holiday account on the payslip

  • Collection of data of payments such as performance-based benefits, bonuses, refunds of travel expenses, all variable components of salaries and wages
  • Collection of data of all fixed remuneration components and one of payments
  • Change of personnel data concerning relocation or marriage

Process payroll

  • Calculation of main cost  areas, cost objects, payroll subunits

  • Provide gross to net summary of wages for each employee, social security contributions, wage tax, pay journal, pay accounts
  • Provide monthly summary of earning and employer payments

  • Provide payslips in window envelopes ready to post to employees home addresses
  • Provide copy payslips for employer

Subsequent payroll process

  • Process and provide company-specific reports
  • Process and provide announcements and declarations with the German authorities
  • Provide departmental analysis for accounts department
  • Provision of clients specific reports
  • Provide spreadsheets for payroll input information
  • Fill in forms and certificates for submission to authorities and institutions

Tax year end procedure

  • Process and provide annual wage accounts and journals

  • Process and provide end of year certifications for the workmen’s compensation board

  • Process and provide end of year certifications for the health insurance companies

  • Calculation of accruals for unused vacations