Our Office

We can look back on many years of successful international experience for HR and payroll service. Bueropartner was founded in 1996.

Today Bueropartner is a recognized provider of qualified payroll solutions.

It is our philosophy to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through the highest quality standards, consistent on-time delivery, high flexibility and reliable customer service.
Bueropartner possesses wide experience and know-how as well as a specialized team and efficient partner network, starting with the software provider for the wage program, professional and experienced lawyers who specialize in the field of labour law and continuing with specialists for a high level of security of the data.

Our strategic partnership

From the complex issue of labour law to the protection against dismissal we do our best to stay on top of all workplace associated developments and to offer the best solutions for our customers. Additionally we work together closely with established lawyer Holger Sievers.

Mr. Sievers has developed legally compliant employment contracts for all requirements for our clients. The use of these drafts of an agreement protects our clients from unpleasant surprises.

Quality management

Bueropartner works exclusively with permanent employees, who have completed an in-house internship covering various topics and processes, before they are made available to our clients as technically responsible contact persons.

Quality assurance and quality control for all of our products are a central topic in our company and represent the basis of our customer satisfaction.

In order to be able to provide optimum advice and service for our clients, the employees from Bueropartner attend trainings and educational courses periodically.

Data security

Bueropartner guarantees a safe and responsible handling of your data. You can find additional information on this subject in our privacy policy.

All software and hardware components that Bueropartner uses are compatible with the latest developments in IT technology and are regularly updated. The software is compatible with the usual components used by our clients, so that import and export of data proceeds correctly without additional overhead.