Step-by-Step Payroll Process

The monthly work flow should be as uncomplicated as possible for everyone involved. For this purpose, we developed solid processes and routines. Our customers use our systematic process support to avoid errors or interface problems.

There are set dates for the transfer of payroll data, as well as dates for the rapid return of the completed payroll.

The monthly data transfer is processed electronically in a coordinated and agreed format and will be implemented:

  • manually by us
  • by the client in a special preliminary data entry form
  • electronically via an interface to a time recording system
1. Step: The preparation 2. Step: Prior to the payroll

The client provides all payroll information by an agreed date; personnel forms for new hires or benefit payments, absence time or a change of private data e.g. the address.

Our expert payroll consultants check and collate the data of payroll based on cost centers, cost objects, or payroll subunits, consider tariff changes or other individual characteristics, and will be up to date with legislation.

3. Step: Payroll 4. Step: After the payroll

Including the payroll, all announcements will be transferred on time and in proper form directly to governance organizations. Furthermore we provide HR reporting, general ledger reporting and the salary statements for employees and employer. We provide details of all the payments and deductions for each employee for every pay period.

As agreed, more company-specific reports are created and delivered to the client together with all employer reports.

The presence of an appointed contact person allows for questions to be answered quickly and efficiently.

If there are marginal or substantial changes within the company of our clients which need a fast solution, BueroPartner is prepared to handle these with a range of services.
Our clients benefit from our longtime experience which allows BueroPartner to accept challenges in a fast and flexible way.

New customer orders can be implemented with a low flow time. A prepared acquisition plan makes sure to file away all the necessary information in our payment settlement program a soon as possible.