Employee testimonials

        Sofiia Holovata


  Sofiia Holovata



  • Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics
  • HTW, Berlin – Bachelor’s Degree in International Business
  I applied for a position as Payroll Assistant and went through a very pleasant, fast and effective application process with my employer.

Considering my curious personality, one of the best features of this job is the continuous learning of new things! Honestly, when I started I did not realize how many things I would have learnt which were important, not only for the position itself, but also for my private life and future employments.


The atmosphere in the company is very friendly because the colleagues are always willing to answer questions, happy to support and help. I consider myself lucky because nowadays it is not always easy to find a job that you enjoy doing and at the same time surrounded by such pleasant colleagues.


One of the many advantages of this job is the fact that I was required to work only between Monday and Friday. It was beneficial, as a student, to be able to have a flexible work schedule.


I enjoyed this job so much that I was telling about it and I recommended two of my friends as candidates for open positions and they were both willing to join our Payroll Team.


Please, do not hesitate to contact me on LinkedIN https://de.linkedin.com/in/sofiia-holovata-36a67914a  if you have any of further questions. I will be happy to give you more information and help if I can.

Martina Varagnolo



   Martina Varagnolo



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and Foreign Languages (Chinese and Anglo-American)
  • Master´s Degree in Interpreting, Editorial, Sectorial Translation (English – Chinese)
  • HTW, Berlin – Bachelor’s Degree in International Business

I would like to give my personal recommendation for BüroPartner as an employer if you are considering applying for an open position in this company.


I started working for BüroPartner in January 2019 as an international payroll assistant. Since the very beginning I enjoyed the welcoming and positive learning and work environment.


I would highly recommend to become part of the team if “work-life balance” is a topic close to your heart. In fact, as a student I managed to organise a flexible schedule that allowed me to follow my courses at university while still being able to enjoy my free time. In fact, in this office it is not required to work during weekends or during bank holidays.


In this company, the German language is not a mandatory requirement. Every member of the team speaks fluent English. I was pleased to be able to communicate in English but, at the same time, you could have the chance to improve your German if that is your personal goal. It is also possible to practice both languages at the same time. In other words, it is totally up to you!


In a fast changing job world, I had the chance to experience what “agile” and “flat” organisation means. Considering the contained size of the team, it is not uncommon to share responsibilities and provide hierarchy-free feedback. In particular, this type of environment is fostered thanks to the boss of BüroPartner, who played the role of a mentor and represents a good example of successful woman entrepreneur. These qualities can be inspiring for students entering the business world. This last point is something that I personally treasure and consider highly valuable.


I recommend BüroPartner without reservation and please feel free to contact me in case you would like to receive further clarification.


You can contact me through LinkedIn: https://de.linkedin.com/in/martina-varagnolo-2664a1a7

     Anca Harko



  • Masters in Human Resources Organizational Management
  • Bachelor degree in Psychology

I am a system specialist with experience in SAP HCM, Oracle HCM and Success Factors panning areas like administration, payroll, compensation and benefits, talent and performance and system implementation.


I worked at Buro Partner for 9 months during my staying in Berlin. I was a Senior HR Administrator and Payroll Specialist. This role offered to me the opportunity to approach the Payroll area and learn the German Labor Law. At that point in time I was taking German classes, so my exposure to working with and for German employees, helped me practicing the language which I considered to be more than helpful.


The environment at Buro Partner is casual and friendly and the flexibility of working in the morning or afternoon were helping me organizing my time for other projects or activities.